What’s going on with Keuchel and Kimbrel?

I don’t know about you but for me, but this Keuchel and Kimbrel situation has been a weird experience. Every time these two names are mentioned, I get confused. I just don’t understand how two elite major league pitchers are not on a roster. I also don’t know who there is to blame for this. Is it the players’ fault or is it the organizations’ fault? I then start to wonder if I anything like this has ever happened before in baseball. Is this like a first time thing or has this happened before in the past? So, since I was so confused I decided to do as much research on the topic as I can and construct it into an article that best summarizes everything that’s going on.

Ken Rosenthal gave a very informative report on this situation and explained it in the best way that I have seen so far. He said that both of the players went to high to early in free agency which caused teams to drift away from them. From there, it doesn’t really appear that either pitcher was willing to settle for less which made them unappealing to teams. Even if they may have dropped a little in price, it wasn’t significant enough that they were able to sign a deal, obviously.

So, now they find themselves stuck in a position where they are stuck out on the free agency market as the second month of the season will soon be coming to a close. Rosenthal indicated that this trend is going to continue for a little while longer as well as he predicted that they won’t be signing until after the draft at the earliest. This is because after that point they will no longer carry the burden of draft pick compensation. So, the select team that signs either player will no longer have to give up a draft pick. Rosenthal simply states that teams are in no rush to sign them now since right after the draft the cost of the transaction will be so much lower.

Image via the New York Post

I took a closer look then as to how much teams would be giving up. According to Danny Abriano of SNY, the specific pick that the team would lose is based upon if that team received revenue sharing and the amount that the player ends up signing for. Many teams would also lose half a million dollars from its international bonus pool for the upcoming signing period. So, it seems to make sense for teams just to wait till after the draft to sign either of the two pitchers.

Even though it will not be a while until either pitcher signs, rumors still float around as to where each may sign. Popular names include the Yankees, Red Sox, Mets, Nationals, and Phillies. There are still other teams in the conversation too on top of those listed. So honestly, it’s anyone’s game. I find the Phillies situation to be the most interesting. Mainly because they are one of the most exciting teams to watch in baseball right now. If the organization is able to add one of the two, they are just going to be that more exciting to watch.

In case you’ve forgotten, both of these players have all-star talent. Don’t forget that Kimbrel is one of the best if not the best closer in all of baseball. Don’t forget that Keuchel is a former Cy Young award winner. Both are still arguably in their prime years too as Kimbrel is only at the age of thirty and Keuchel a year older.

Unfortunately, you are going to have to wait a while until either one of these two makes a return to the mound and shows us their all-star level of talent. Hopefully, I was able to give you a more clear picture as to why both of these players are still on the market and for how long they will stay there. I know defiantly have a better understanding of the situation than before I wrote this article. This is, in fact, an odd situation if you ask me and hopefully, it will come to an end soon.