Zack of All Trades: Where will Zack Greinke and others land at the trade deadline?

We are less than a week away from the trade deadline and yet I can still write this article. Simply because not a single player rumored to be traded has been traded. Yes, there have been a few small moves like the Red Sox acquiring Andrew Cashner and the Oakland Athletics grabbing Homer Bailey. We can also list that the Yankees traded for Terrance Gore. That’s it though, the entire 2019 trade deadline summed up so far.

This was not the theme that I would have expected with less than a week to go until the deadline. With this year being the first-ever firm trade deadline, I would have expected teams to make moves sooner in fear of missing out. No longer can players be traded after the deadline by passing through waivers. After July 31st no player can be traded in any way. So here we are, with six full days left, no big names have been traded which I believe may be a good thing. This small window means that all these trades are going to happen at once making the baseball world an exciting thing to watch. Well, that is if these trades do actually end up being completed.

So with less than a week left, here are my predictions.

Madison Bumgarner stays in San Francisco

I don’t think that it would be the best move for the Giants to hold on to Bumgarner but I believe that it is the move that they are going to make. With the roll that they have been on, it puts them in a tough position and a position that makes them want to try and contend. After all, Bumgarner does have a say in this as he does have the power to not waive his trade clause. He has also made comments pointing in that direction which you can see here.

Trevor Bauer is traded to Philadelphia

This move makes the most sense for the Phillies. They are in dire need of starting pitching and Bauer is the perfect fit for them. The Phillies will have an additional year of team control after this season too which makes the fit even better considering the Phillies are currently missing many key relievers due to injury. With the addition of Bauer and the return of missing pieces in 2020 may make the Phillies the favorite to win the NL East. The only thing standing in the way from this deal is if the Phillies are willing to give up what it will take to get this deal done.

Marcus Stroman to the Braves

When Ken Rosenthal said that the Braves are the “obvious suitor” for Stroman, I wasn’t going to question it. This may surprise Yankee’s fans who thought they were the favorites to land him. The Braves are also in need of a starting pitcher more than the Yankees which makes me believe that the would be willing to give up more in a trade.

Zack Greinke stays in Arizona

It is hard to imagine any team taking on his contract. Especially when there are better and cheaper options on the market. With Greinke’s large contract it would allow teams to not have to give up as many valuable players but with that large of a contract, it still wouldn’t be worth it.

Image via New York Post

Noah Syndergaard remains a Met for now

Only recently have the Mets said that they would be listening to offers on Syndergaard but I know that the asking price is going to be very high. Teams would be more willing to go after Bauer, Stroman, or Boyd since their asking price will be lower. He’s the most interesting player that has been rumored to be traded but the fact is the Mets waited too long to get into the game and are going to ask for too much.

Mike Minor and Lance Lynn are not moved

I disagree with this move but after hearing Jon Daniels comments on the matter, I don’t believe either will be traded. The asking price is too high for each starter which means that they each have a low chance of being moved.

Matthew Boyd to the Yankees

The Yankees are supposed to be big players at the deadline especially as they have said they would be pursuing starting pitching. However, I think Boyd will be just about all they get this time around. The other pitchers on the market just fit well at better places resulting in those teams offering more. The Yankees will be fine though if this is the only deal that they make. After all, they do hold the best record in baseball.

Shane Greene is off to DC

In this deal, I will even go as far to say who the Nationals trade in return, Carter Kieboom. With the crowded infield in DC, this seems like a trade that would work well for both sides. The National’s bullpen is struggling and help looks like it’s on the way.

Will Smith is staying by the bay

If the Giants aren’t moving Bumgarner then they aren’t moving Will Smith. If the Giants are trying to make a run, which it appears they are, then they won’t move Smith. They could get a massive haul for him in return but I think he is going to stay put.

So, there you have it, our predictions for the 2019 trade deadline. No one truly knows what’s going to happen in the next six days, but one thing is for sure, it’s going to be an exciting finish.

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