An early World Series prediction

Now that September has arrived, the postseason is looming just around the corner. So, in honor of postseason baseball only a month away, let’s get into some predictions. I am going to go through a series of predictions starting off with just the teams that I believe will make the postseason and I will work my way up to my World Series winner prediction. So, take a look at my predictions and explanations below for this upcoming postseason.

Wild Card Round:

Image via Athletics Nation

NLWC: Chicago Cubs vs Washington Nationals

Winner: Washington Nationals

The NL Wild Card race may seem close, but I guarantee you it’s just about wrapped up. When you look at the run differential between the teams remaining in the race, no one outside of the Diamondbacks can compare to the Nationals and Cubs. The Cubs have a loosing record on the road this season which sets up the Nationals nicely. This will be a big win for the Nationals franchise and for me it’s an easy pick to choose them when you know that Max Scherzer is going to get the ball.

ALWC: Cleveland Indians vs Oakland Athletics

Winner: Oakland Athletics

The Athletics have the easiest schedule remaining between themselves, Indians, and Rays. Which makes them the favorites to land home field advantage in a wild card race that is so tight between those three teams. All three teams have put together excellent seasons and it will be interesting to watch them compete for the two wild card spots down the stretch. I choose the A’s to win this game because of their excellent bullpen and high powered offense.

Division Series:

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ALDS: Oakland Athletics vs New York Yankees

Winner: New York Yankees

In a rematch of last year’s AL Wild Card Game, I’m expecting similar results. The Athletics are a great team but they just can’t compete with the Yankees. The Yankee’s offense is one of the best in baseball and will do serious damage to whoever the Athletic’s put on the mound.

ALDS: Minnesota Twins vs Houston Astros

Winner: Houston Astros

As great of a season as the Twins have had, it’s difficult to choose them over the Astros. The Astros are truly the best team in the league right now and come playoff time, no one is going to be able to touch their pitching staff.

NLDS: Washington Nationals vs Los Angeles Dodgers

Winner: Los Angeles Dodgers

The Nationals starting pitching is among the best in the league but their bullpen is where the team struggles. They just can compare to how good the Dodgers are. Their offense and starting pitching is among elite level making them an easy choice to move on to the NLCS for the fourth year in a row.

NLDS: St. Louis Cardinals vs Atlanta Braves

Winner: Atlanta Braves

This series will most definitely be an interesting one but with all of the talent the Braves have, I see them taking the series. Regardless, if I choose any series to go either way, it would be this one. So don’t be surprised if we get five games out of these two teams.

Championship Series

Image via True Blue LA

ALCS: New York Yankees vs Houston Astros

Winner: Houston Astros

In a repeat of the 2017 ALCS, I expect the same result. It’s going to be a well fought series but the Yankees pitching just doesn’t compare to Houston’s staff. The Yankees do have an elite bullpen though, which is about their only shot at winning this series if they all pitch to their highest ability. That being said, that is very unlikely and the Yankee’s starters just aren’t as good as Houston’s starting staff. Which is no insult considering that the Astros rotation is beyond an elite level. The Yankees didn’t make a move at the trade deadline and the Astros did. So, it will be the Astros moving on.

NLCS: Atlanta Braves vs Los Angeles Dodgers

Winner: Los Angeles Dodgers

In yet another rematch from recent postseason history, this is the Dodger’s series to loose. They are the best team in the National League and all parts of their roster exceed the Braves. The Braves are still a very good team but when you compare them to the Dodgers, they just don’t stack up.

World Series:

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WS: Los Angeles Dodgers vs Houston Astros

Winner: Houston Astros

These two teams met in the 2017 World Series and similar to that one, I am expecting the same result. Both of these teams are very good though, each arguably having the best rotation in the league. However, what’s going to prevent the Dodgers from claiming the long sought after World Series is their bullpen. They never made a move to improve their bullpen at the deadline and it’s going to hurt them in the postseason. Regardless, this series may be just as good as the 2017 one was as these two teams are so evenly matched. I’ll pick the Astros to claim the title for the second time in three years.