Dingerball Podcast: Hero SZN

On this episode of Dingerball, Logan and Jacob discuss the postseason and the downfall of the Yankees and Cardinals. They discuss current happenings and debate whether homegrown or bought talent is better. They also discuss the bullpen games and whether they will stick around. Do the Yankees make the world series again in the next 10 years? Does Technology lead innovation in the game of baseball we see today? They discuss the Cardinals series and how the week off may have impacted the Nats and how Max is the leader of the  Nationals with grit. They even break down each World Series team by position as they take in Game 1 live. They also dive deep into starting pitching statistics for the Astros and Nationals. Lastly, they talk about the potential hall of famers we see in this world series and what it could mean to each of the players. You can listen to the podcast on all major platforms listed below.

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