The 2019 Season in Review

This article was written by Choice Fielder

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For the fans of 28 teams, the 2019 season of major league baseball has been signed and delivered. The fall classic is upon us, bringing one last series before the fans of every team see their season end. It can be difficult to remember the drama of the arduous 162 game regular season. Indeed, baseball is a game where even the best fail to hit the ball 70% of the time. The moments that matter aren’t just moments, they’re periods. Periods where we saw our baseball heroes reach incredible heights for days or weeks. Cody Bellinger hitting over .400 for 8 weeks. Yordan Alvarez getting called up to the majors and immediately hitting better than everyone in the AL not named Mike Trout. Nicholas Castellanos getting traded and becoming a hitting machine. There are so many memories created by periods of incredible performances. 

As a data scientist, I wanted to create a visualization to help fans of every team remember their season. To this end, I’ve created these Season in Review graphics. I’ve taken the top 8 players on every team (by wOBA), then plotted their rolling wOBA within a 10 game window and smoothed out some of the noise. This shows the hot and cold streaks of each of these players and gives the wOBA on the season in the label. Time on the IL or time otherwise on the bench will introduce breaks in the performance trends. I hope this helps to bring back memories of an incredible 2019 season, baseball fans.  

American League East  

American League Central

American League West

National League East

National League Central

National League West