Fly over of the NL:

2019 Season Review:

We have been on a pursuit of reviewing the teams from the 2019 season and it has came to this conclusion. We have decided to give a bird’s eye view of the leagues to better serve our time and yours. We will start out with the standings from the 2019 season.

NL East
NY Mets86760.5311135486-7648-3338-4347-55
NL Central
St. Louis91710.56210292-7050-3141-4042-42
Chi Cubs84780.519759790-7251-3033-4839-45
NL West
LA Dodgers106560.654273107-5559-2247-3445-32
San Francisco77850.4752912-9571-9135-4642-3942-55
San Diego70920.4323619-10770-9236-4534-4740-53
NL Standings from 2019

NL Central

The NL Central was rather competitive into the tail end of the season. In the middle of the season it looked like the Cubs might have been a playoff team but due to a late skid, they failed to reach the playoffs. The news for the Brewers was positive because of the Cubs demise but they ended up losing their best player in the most important time of the year, Christian Yelich. Obviously that was a big hit on them in the playoffs as you could watch the play where the Brewers would normal field Yelli in the outfield was the key moment of the game. You can see that below.

Grisham misses a groundball

The clear standout in the NL Central was the Saint Louis Cardinals. The birds were exceptional in the season with a 91-71 record. They seemed to be a long shot to make the playoffs during the All-Star break being a .500 team but by the end of the season with the help of Jack Flaherty, it turned out to be a successful year until the NLCS. I will state that I am a Cardinals faithful fan and happened to be at the games in the NLCS. It was blatantly obvious that the Cardinals had very little to compete with the talents of the Nationals pitching staff who we talked about earlier in a previous post. Overall the NL Central was an interesting blend of baseball in the prior year and will make for more interesting games. I will say that most of the teams besides the Pirates will compete for a spot in the playoff race. The real question is do the Reds have what it takes to overthrow the rest of the division? I do not believe what they added to their roster is worthy of first place but I will see a trend in the upward direction. It’s hard to improve 15+ games in the win column in a single year without a ton of massive action. While the Cards shape up for another Cardinal like season, the Cubs have the talent but the execution is uncertain, and the Brewers have one of the best players in the game it is tough to predict our top person in the NL Central for 2020. However my Rankings would go as follows.

NL Central
St. Louis90720.556
Chi Cubs86760.531
NL Central Predictions

I see the Milwaukee Brewers taking the top position in the NL Central for one prime reason and that is Christian Yelich. They are a formidable team with some talent so they should be able to perform at the level that is necessary to be in first. Next would be the Saint Louis Cardinals, even though they lost some talent this past year it is important to remember that their pitching staff remains and will feature Carlos Martinez back on the mound as a starter. Also the wealth of outfield talent is a key indicator if one of the young guys, Lane Thomas, Dylan Carlson, Tyler O’neill, or others becomes a stud there may be room to trade for a star in the middle of the season. Next would be the Chicago Cubs, who I feel are complacent with where they are. Ever since the World Series victory, it has seemed the Cubs have let off the gas and are not trending in the correct direction. I think they have the most potential on this list to impress though. That would be due to the under performance of Kris Bryant and the wealth of talent they still have. Do not count the Cubbies out this next season. I have already touched on the Reds, and lastly the Pirates are not a contender.

NL West:

So we hop onto the NL West, the league of sunshine and star players. Obviously the Dodgers were the best team in the league, the run differential that they had was amazing at 273 overall. I highly believe that they will only do that again. The Dodgers are the scariest team in the league, Sorry Yankees fans. The Dodgers still haven’t found the correct recipe for the playoffs though. I guess we will see in the 2020 season with new toys, David Price and Mookie Betts. If we are going to be honest here, the only team that can possibly even compete for the top spot is the Diamondbacks. They have a decent pitching staff with some upside. I like guys like Zac Gallen to be moving in the positive direction. Also Luke Weaver, MadBum, and Robbie Ray seem to make a rounded rotation. I could see this team in the Wild Card race and competing nicely. Let’s not forget that they had a 85-77 record last year. I could see as much as 6 games added ontop of that performance. For the rest of the division, there isn’t much hope, the Padres could have a shot at .500 but I wouldn’t count on it. Also the Rockies don’t seem to have what it takes to compete in the West. So here is my predictions for the league in 2020.

NL West
LA Dodgers112500.691
San Diego79830.488
San Francisco71910.438

The Dodgers are about to embark on a history season. The key for them will be the postseason. They won’t have anymore signs being stolen in the upcoming playoffs so maybe there is a chance? Jokes aside, Clayton Kershaw will need to be Regular Season Kershaw. They have guys who have won big games on their team now like Mookie and Price and an upgraded bullpen. They are only competing with themselves right now. This leds to an interesting converstation with the bottom half of the league, I believe the Padres will be in a position that they won’t want to trade anyone because they will “think” they have a chance, but the Rockies should save their sinking boat. Trade away Arenado, Story, Gray, and Blackmon. This is similar advice that I said about the Red Sox, IF you know there is no shot that you will compete you are better off trading away players to have a shot in the future. That is a tough call but we will see how it goes this upcoming year.

Final Thoughts

This will wrap up our blogs for the NL. We will finish up with a post on the AL. We will also be releasing our top ten overall players for the upcoming season on our podcast so stay tuned. Here’s to 2020 and another season of baseball!