How much did the Astros benifit from cheating?

I am positive that this isn’t the first article that you’ve read about the Astros cheating scandal. In fact, this isn’t really even an article that I wrote myself. This article acts as more of a promotion for an exceptional article that I read about the cheating scandal from the Los Angeles Times. I think it should be shared as it takes an honest look at the scandal and evaluates the numbers for what they are. I highly encourage that you give it a read and try to be as open minded as possible when reading it.

How the Astros’ cheating may have cost them games by Michael Hiltzik

My plan for this website moving forward it to publish more content similar to this article. As a college student it’s difficult to find time to regularly create my own content to publish to the website. So, as a form of a compromise I plan on publishing shorter article in addition to the “lengthy” research articles that I have only written in the past. This will allow me to create more content for the website on a more regular basis. I do still plan to publish plenty of more research based articles as they allow me to voice my own finding and contribute my own ideas to the baseball world.

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