It’s been a while

If you take a look at our website, our posting frequency hasn’t been as constant as it once was. So, as stated in my last article about the Astros I am attempting to start putting out more content. However, this is a struggle to now find things to write about during a time with no baseball. The entire world is at a stand still as we battle COVID-19. So, in an attempt to search for material to write about I am going to start a new column on player analysis. I will be publishing new articles often breaking down a specific player and analyzing how they can improve their performance.

I do want to take notice of the Dingerball podcast as Logan and Jacob have been doing an amazing job at continuing the podcast. I really recommend you check it out as they have been putting out some amazing content including some great interviews. I will provide several links to the podcast below and if you are able to financially donate to the podcast at all you can do that here.


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