Francisco Lindor Trade Analysis: Hot Off the Press

Lindor Traded

Francisco Lindor joins an elite club of Cleveland players to have left the ball club via trade. They have traded Lindor, Trevor Bauer, Mike Clevinger, Carlos Carrasco, and Corey Kluber. A team with just these players would be dominant, and the Indians had all of those guys. You can see a list below.

The Trade for Francisco lindor

The trade for Francisco Lindor can be seen below.

Mets ReceiveCleveland Receive
Francisco LindorAndres Gimenez
Carlos CarrascoAmed Rosario
Josh Wolf
Isaiah Greene
Lindor Trade

The Value

The value of this trade for the Mets is apparent. With new owner Steven Cohen at the helm for the New York Mets now, the Mets are poising to take over the NL East.

Francisco Lindor, Mets

Lindor is an annual MVP candidate, all-star, and potential game-changing player. From 2017-2019, Lindor averaged an incredible pace of 34.3 home runs in Cleveland. In 2020, he didn’t keep up the pace as much in 2020 with a pace of roughly 18 home runs over the course of 600 plate appearances. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t hold value still. With a wOBA of .324 for 60 games that is still decent compared to his career average of .351. If I expect anything of him, I expect him to positively regress. The main reason is that his HR/FB percentage was almost a career-low of 11.4%. Lindor’s prior three years are 17.3%, 17.4%, and 14.0%. Therefore, you could expect more homers. One word of caution for Lindor in the 2021 season is the gauntlet of pitchers in the NL East. Luckily, he doesn’t have to face Thor, Degrom, and Carrasco.

Carlos Carrasco, Mets

The 33-year old right-handed pitcher could be a dark horse in this trade. Carlos is a tough baseball player, especially off the field. He has dealt with chronic myeloid leukemia, which is a blood disorder that threatened his life. Not many people could keep a positive mindset through that, but Carlos Carrasco is that guy. Last season, Carlos had an ERA of 2.91 over the course of 68.0 innings. Some of his success must be attributed to his slider that he used 28.3% of the time. He yielded a batting average against of .172 in 2020 compared to 2019 where he used the pitch 34.1% of the time and had a BAA of .241. With that decrease, he began to use his changeup roughly 10% more and saw that revolutionize his stats. This is the big reason that he will make an impact in New York.

Andres Gimenez, Cleveland

Andres is most likely the main reason that the deal was pushed through by Cleveland. His 2020 season was a unique one, he went from a double-A to the MLB. What is interesting about him is his ability to hit. He carried a wOBA of .296 over 49 games for the Mets in 2020. Which has been average for him for his MiLB career. Andres does seem to be prone to the ability to strike out with a K rate of 21.2% and a walk rate of 5.3%. This is clearly shown in his O-swing percentage of 34.7%. If he were to cut that a few percentage points, we could be talking a very good leadoff hitter for any team. However, his real strength is his fielding ability and speed. He is graded at a 60 speed and a 55 fielding, both of which are good. I think the ability to acquire a 22-year-old with roughly 5 years of team control is a solid move. You can check out his highlights below.

Amed Rosario, Cleveland

Amed Rosario is another part of the trade for Francisco Lindor. Rosario has been a consistent player for the Mets, playing in 154 games in 2018 and 157 games in 2019. He is a career below-average hitter with a wRC+ of 89, but he is a positive WAR player with a career WAR of 4.6 according to FanGraphs. He isn’t a player that makes or breaks the trade, but he does add value. I think a potential change of scenery could be good for him. Playing in the soft division of the AL Central, he could see his offense value increase.

Josh Wolf, Cleveland

Josh Wolf is a 20-year-old pitcher that was drafted in the second round of the 2019 draft. At this moment, he doesn’t seem to be a threat to the MLB. He has a limited amount of information about him. He has only played in the Rookie league. According to FanGraphs, he grades out like the following.

50 / 6035 / 5550 / 6040 / 4530 / 4540+
FanGraphs report for Josh Wolf

His fastball is graded at a 50/60, with it topping at 97 mph. That top velocity could increase if he puts some weight on his 6’3″, 170-pound frame. Wolf’s curveball follows suit with his fastball and is electric now but could develop into more. He has a presence on the mound that could develop into a confident swagger. 2024 is his current projected year to make the MLB. Check him out below.

Josh Wolf

Isaiah Greene, Cleveland

Another youngster in this haul for Cleveland is Isaiah Greene. He is a 19-year-old DH, that was drafted with the 69th pick in the 2020 MLB draft. He grades out according to Fangraphs below.

HitGame PowerRaw PowerSpeedFieldFV
20 / 4525 / 5045 / 5560 / 6040 / 5540
FanGraphs Prospect Report on Isaiah Greene

He is the youngest player inside of this deal and doesn’t have much to show for stats yet. Isaiah has the capability to grow into a potential power hitter. This move is beneficial for him because the AL obviously holds the DH. We have a long time before we see him in the MLB but, he could be a potentially big piece for Cleveland.


This trade has to be a win for the Mets, this is a win-now move. Cleveland had to do this to drop some salary and get some return for Lindor and Carrasco, both of which would have probably not resigned with Cleveland. This move is a win for both sides, one is immediate and another is 4 years in the making. Time will ultimately tell. Check out our podcast below.

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