Author: Derek Blair

My name is Derek and I am the creator of Dingerball. I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of Pittsburgh. I received the 2018 Jack Kavanagh Research Award from the Society of American Baseball Research for previous work.
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Player Analysis: Austin Nola

For the second article under our new player analysis column I am analyzing Austin Nola. I chose him based on a suggestion from twitter. This brings me to say that if you’re reading this and […]

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Player Analysis: Joc Pederson

For the first article of this new player analysis column, I decided to breakdown Joc Pederson. I chose him because when I visited Baseball Savant’s website he was listed as the top trending player with […]

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It’s been a while

If you take a look at our website, our posting frequency hasn’t been as constant as it once was. So, as stated in my last article about the Astros I am attempting to start putting […]

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How much did the Astros benifit from cheating?

I am positive that this isn’t the first article that you’ve read about the Astros cheating scandal. In fact, this isn’t really even an article that I wrote myself. This article acts as more of […]

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Are the Twins dangerous?

The Twins have made the playoffs in two of the past three seasons. In 2017 they lost to the Yankees in the Wild Card game and last season they were swept by the Yankees in […]

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Dingerball Podcast: Top Ten Part (2/5)

Logan and Jacob explore the number 7 and 8 players on our top ten list. There are many topics that are discussed about each of the players and make sure you tune in to see […]

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Dingerball Podcast: Top Ten List of 2019

Logan and Jacob discuss the honorable mention and number 10 and 9 on the Dingerball Top Ten list from the 2019 season. This is the beginning of a five part season that will lead us […]

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Looking for a sports book this upcoming baseball season?

If you are looking for a sports book this upcoming baseball season check out the link below! They take an in depth look at several different options to help you choose the best one for […]

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Dingerball Podcast: Most underrated fantasy pitchers for 2020

Jacob and Logan talk with Mike Simione who created SPStreamer. He highlights some pitchers that could be seen as underrated and possess great value in the 2020 season. You can listen to the podcast on […]