Author: John Storey

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Bulletproofing Your Arsenal

There are a myriad of strategic intricacies throughout any baseball game that branch off a singular theory. For example, the recent decay in stolen bases is largely tied to better event valuations. Organizations now recognize and apply […]

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Individuality, A Meaningless Metric

In my previous piece, I examined strikeout tendencies, particularly where hitters frequently would strikeout looking. The conclusion was a basin-shaped accumulation at the bottom of the strike zone. This was the densest concentration of looking strikeouts. I […]

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A Deep Dive to the Bottom of the Strikezone

We’re living in an age where strikeouts are king. There’s no denying the rapid ascend in strikeout rate, a relative disregard for lack of contact in exchange for the power upside a little extra recklessness […]